Textículo (*) s. m., texto ridículo; texto pequeno. (* não existe no dicionário)

Cá vai um post bolita vermelha para apimentar a líbido da maltinha.


"We’re America’s only new luxury erotic magazine; a modern reimagining of the classic men’s magazines of yesteryear. We celebrate a return to the origins of the pulp title; offering edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women. The editorial philosophy of Jacques is simple; to provide an alternative to the vapid men’s magazines of today. We speak directly to an audience that’s currently not catered for – smart, educated and discerning. We speak with our readers, not at them..."



"Elize come um gelado" é um video cremoso, uma ração de erotismo minimalista. :-) jacquesmag.com


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