Textículo (*) s. m., texto ridículo; texto pequeno. (* não existe no dicionário)

É um desafio escrever um post com este título surgido de conversas inconvenientes, discussões pertinentes, a caminho dum empanturramento de arroz, vulgo jantar no japonês. Confesso que não estou à altura, recorro à piadola.


 A young blonde was having problems with her first case of hemorrhoids. With all the burning, itching and swelling she didn't know what to do. She calls her older blonde friend and says, "I'm itching, burning and it's swollen - what can I do?" The older blonde says, "You have hemorrhoids. I'll go down to the pharmacy and get you some Preparation H; that will take care of your swelling and itching. You just set still." After about an hour the young blonde was itching and burning more and more. The older blonde delivers the Preparation H and tells the young blonde, "Take this and you will be better in about an hour. I'll call and check up on you in a couple of hours." The young blonde, not reading the directions, rips open the box and swallows the whole tube, thinking this is the worst taste she has ever ran across her lips. She tries to spit it out but has no luck. The phone rings and she answers, "Ssssswwwellooooo." It's the older blonde. She asks, "So, how are your hemorrhoids??" The young blonde replies, "They still itch and burn but I can whistle better than ever before!"


As melhoras! Cumprido! :-)


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