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Em Hong Kong, os "lobos" venceram a taça Bowl no torneio de sevens, apesar de ser a menos importante, parabéns!



2009 Sony Ericsson Open - Nick’s Picks - Men’s Singles Round 3

...Gil played very well against Ivo Karlovic in the second round, beating the giant Croat 6-4, 6-4. This is Gil’s first appearance in Miami, and a win over Nadal would be the biggest victory of his career. He is an exciting guy to watch, and the fans down here have really taken to him.

This is the first career meeting between Nadal and Gil, and promises to be interesting just because of the Spain vs. Portugal aspect. Both countries have passionate fans and they will be out in full-force to support their man! For a little guy, Gil has a big-time serve and excellent groundstrokes. He covers the court very well and will battle and scrap for every point. Against Karlovic, he was able to pound balls to the Croat’s backhand and wait for errors. That same tactic won’t work against Nadal. Gil absolutely cannot hope that Nadal is going to make unforced errors, he is going to have to put pressure on Nadal and attack whenever he can. Nadal will do what he does best: wear down his opponent with relentless topspin forehands and a wicked two-handed backhand. Gil will fight to the end, but Nadal just has too much.

Nick’s Pick - Nadal in 2 sets. Força!!


Dizem-me que se vence num jogo de futebol marcando mais golos que o adversário. E que para marcar remata-se na direcção da baliza fora do alcançe do guarda-redes. Ora está ai a razão do resultado daquele jogo. O selecionador albanês sueco podia ter jogado com um espantalho a guarda-redes, não vi nenhuma grande defesa, aliás, vi a bola ir ter, invariávelmente, com o guarda-redes ou passar ao lado da baliza. Ainda assim força rapaziada!




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