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“Lo, the Feast of Equinox is nigh”, the Village Elder said.   “Let us celebrate”.


And there was much rejoicing and feasting, and many games were played.

Only the bravest dared try “Let’s-Wake-Ursåal, the Sleeping Bear”…


…this was enthusiastically followed by the Tradiational Slapping of the Frozen Lutefisk.


The lovely village maidens did a splendid dance around the Purple Pole of the Fallen Skull-Warrior.   The men watched on, shouting much encouragement.


Finally, the day drew to a close, with the mandatory burning and pillaging.


A good time was had by most.


Celebre-se a Primavera! Isto sim, é uma festa à antiga!


Post raptado do ilustrador canadiano deepfriar.

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