Textículo (*) s. m., texto ridículo; texto pequeno. (* não existe no dicionário)

Parece que começaram e não tem neve. Estes canadianos! :)


Mais um post raptado ao Deep Friar.



Full-Contact Ski Jumping

The objective of the Defense Team is to prevent the Jumper from breaking through their lines. The objective of the Jumper is to smash through the Defense’s lines, and try to fly to Valhalla. Whoever wins doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s all good entertainment.



Warrior Figure Skating

Ten percent of the score is based on skating ability.   Ninety-percent is based on the ability to intimidate the judges. (Nyaaargghh!)



The Judge Toss

This event almost always follows the Warrior Figure Skating



Viking Curling

What better way to celebrate past victories, than to slide the skulls of your defeated enemies on a frozen pond? As an added bonus, the skulls, when hollowed out, also make great beverage containers. The use of controlled substances (such as Viking Grög) is highly encouraged.


The Medal Presentationa

Normally takes place during the end, if the podium isn’t pillaged and burned down. You’ll know it’s over, when Berthùnkä sings the Viking Anthem.





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