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Raptado do www.jonathanfields.com, para os momentos mais aziagos.


1. The Eyewriter – Giving graffiti artist paralyzed by ALS a way to create art with his eyes

2. Challenge Day: Powerful school experience changes kids’ lives.

3. The Years Are Short: Wonderful story about awakening to present moment

Picture 2

4. Radio: scene where coach reveals why he has to help Radio

5. Rudy:
based on the true story of Rudy Ruettiger at Notre Dame

6. Legendary Knute Rockne Locker room speech

7. Girl’s Softball Magic: Incredible moment captured on film

8. Murderball: trailer to amazing film about wheelchair rugby players

9. Womens’ World Cup Soccer Moments

10. Any Given Sunday: famous motivational speech by Al Pacino

11. Lou Gehrig: On his last day shares how he’s the luckiest man alive

12. Jim Valvano: Extraordinary speech as ESPY awards about laughing, crying and learning

13. Meatballs - Epic Bill Murray “It just doesn’t matter” talk

14. Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer brings the band together

15. Dad returns from Iraq and surprises 6 year son in class

16. Paul Potts charms the world

17. Susan Boyle brings tears to the judges’ eyes

18. Good Will Hunting – It’s the little things you remember

19. Good Will Hunting – the bad times always wake you up to the good stuff

20. Stand By Me – sung around the world

21. Hip Hop Violin

22. Martin Luther King – I have a dream

23. Elizabet Gilbert talks about creativity

24. Benjamin Zander on shining eyes and one-butted playing

25. Tony Robbins on change

26. Jill Bolte Taylor shares her stroke of insight

27. William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

28. Julie Moss defines will in 1982 Ironman

29. Ben Underwood sees with his fingers and ears

30. Nick Vujicic on life without arms and legs

31. Autistic basketball player, Jason McElwain sinks a ton of shots

32. Michael Jordan failure Nike commercial

33. Steve Jobs on the mandate to do what you love

34. Randy Pausch’s last lecture at Carnegie Mellon

35. Free Hugs around the world

36. Dick and Rick Hoyt – what the love of a dad can accomplish

37. Rodrigo y Gabriela- Exquisite guitar reveals the outcome of passion and practice



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De Nojita a 9 de Dezembro de 2009 às 16:12
Oh amigo, mas que sacrilégio... depois do que vi e ouvi como podes dizer inspiração a saldos!!!! Há coisas que não tem preço!!!! Olha o teu blog é uma delas!!!! :D :D :D