Textículo (*) s. m., texto ridículo; texto pequeno. (* não existe no dicionário)


"High above the earth and moon

Where Angels dwell on high

There is a place in Heaven's home,

A place called Rainbow Sky


And every year a choir sings

As tribute to your role

The words of songs kept secretly

Upon God's Ancient Scroll


With every song the Angels sing

A rainbow does appear

Of such magnificent display

It makes the Angels tear


Then two by two the Angels pen

Each colored stripe to show

The meaning of an NP's role

Foretold so long-ago


To care for those within your scope,

To guide each patient seen,

Assess all symptoms known to man,

Then gently intervene


And though your patient load is great

At times, stress does run high

You strive to always do your best

A skill you can't deny


For in your role you go beyond

What human eyes can see

And in the scope of patient care

You're more than an NP


This fact, the Angels know quite well

For daily they abide

At every NP's side and watch

With feelings of great pride


As in your role you educate,

Your diagnose and treat,

And with great care and loving skill

All nursing goals you meet


So high above the earth-lit-sky

In honor of your role

A symphony of rainbows dance,
That Touches Heaven's Soul.
", E. V. Stankowski



Tenho uma dor aqui, senhora enfermeira.



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De Margalhos a 7 de Outubro de 2009 às 14:18
Vê lá se ela não te faz uma Colonoscopia...eh, eh