Textículo (*) s. m., texto ridículo; texto pequeno. (* não existe no dicionário)


I want her to be beautiful, which means

(on the outside):

thin or athletic,
weighs less than 150 lbs
big boobs,
nice face,
perfect ass
hair and eye color doesn’t matter as long as she has hair and eyes,
she isn’t crosseyed, hair is around shoulder length or longer
at least 5′ tall,
has no kids, but wants them with me,
is not disabled

(on the inside):
likes sex and intimacy with me,
doesn’t cheat on me,
doesn’t criticize or complain too much, especially about things I do,
non judgemental,
not overly obsessive about things,
not paranoid,

If she has had a mental illness, she has been treated for it and it is not noticable,
not too bossy,
doesn’t consider herself right all the time, able to compromise,
stands up for and defends the ones she cares about,
has a positive attitude,
likes people, is a people person, sociable,
doesn’t mind shy or sometimes quiet guys,
likes to talk about a variety of different things, is generally not at a loss for words,




Senão contento-me com uma enfermeira.



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De sayuri a 24 de Novembro de 2009 às 19:31
essa cena das enfermeiras é um mito!