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Learning is one of the greatest joys in life and it can also be critical to staying employable and keeping our minds healthy as we grow older. Even with the great rewards that learning promises, however, few of us put much thought into how we might be better at it.


Podcasts, Audiobooks, E-books


I know, I know…. this is an obvious one. My one big suggestion here is to join the local library. I find that when I go to the library I borrow a number of books that are of interest, but that I probably wouldn’t buy. I don’t end up reading all the books I have borrowed, but that’s ok as I haven’t wasted any money and the ones I do read have allowed me to read more broadly and outside my comfort zone.


If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you readily accept the importance of continual learning. However, because modern life can be so busy you may find it challenging to find time to devote solely to learning, whether it be sitting down to read a book or attending an evening class.



“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study” ~ Chinese Proverb

Three of the methods in this article focus on how modern technology can help us learn on the go. But perhaps the best way to learn is from other people, whether it be friends, family, work colleagues or complete strangers. It may involve a conversation, or you may simply observe them doing something.

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